About me.

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Welcome to the website of Margriet van Hees. I paint different themes and like to change the subject depending on my mood, for example flowers, city and landscapes, etc. I also welcome the challenge of private commissions: responding to a client's brief.
In august 2014 there was an exhibition showing some of my paintings and watercolours, also ceramics were shown, made by Gerdy Weijnen, she is capable to make various types of ceramics, sometimes inspired by nature but also by other things.

On this website you can see some examples of my work including past commissions. Prices depend on size and start from 200 Euros for watercolours and from 400-2000 Euros for oil and acrylic paintings. Packaging and postage is not included in the prices.

To contact me, PLEASE NOTE, my email address is a little different from my website-address: margrietvhees@hotmail.com
You are welcome to contact me by telephone; please leave your number and I will return your call as soon as possible.

I live in Cuijk, in the Netherlands. (phone: 0485-310591)

Thank you for visiting my website.